My 50mm 1.4 USM with Ochie

I believe any canonians will be agree with me that the EF 50mm 1.4 USM are hard to use lens, temperamentals in short. Old gaussian design, old type USM motor that when it is worn out, you can always be left in wonder why all these missed focus. Recently my 50mm were in the need in that good attentions, need some caring after I took many- many missed focus photos.

What I did was disasembled the lens, cleaning any nook and crannies, and put some silicone lubricants on the helicoid, gears and follower cams. The result is fantastic, as I happened to do a photoshoot again with Ochie. Not as tack sharp as his bigger brother 85mm 1.8 USM, but the beautiful bokeh and larger field of view, make one difficult to choose between those two beast.

And here’s the result with that cleaned and oiled Lens.

E20165IMG_9127a2 E20165IMG_9091g3





You might be notice some softness, and that because I forgot to readjust micro focus adjustment in my 5Dmk2. The next photoshoot on the following week, the lens nailed everyshot tack sharp!

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A Beach Shoot with Tya

A few weeks ago, I happened to have an EF 85mm 1.8 USM again. This is a terrific lens, with large aperture, a soft creamy bokeh, sturdy construction, will go almost everywhere except underwater.

And since long time I haven’t post anything in my blog, here is some of the few samples taken with that lens, with a 5dmk2 body.

Enjoy and see you later!






A Mood Lighting with Angelina

So far, I haven’t doing much model shoot due to my bussiness activities, but here I go, Taking a few shoot in my friends recently open cafe.
I prepared for a simple strobist shoot with YN560IV strobes, but alas, my RF602 has decided to run out of juice without me check them.
Gone the tought of using gelled strobe. But still, I decide to ‘gel’ the results in the photoshop CS3. The process was simple as to make a few layers with color gradient only, and adjusting the layer opacity.
Here are some the results, and with thanks to the beautiful Angelina as the model.

Angel 1

Angel 1


Angel 2

Angel 2


Angel 3

Angel 3


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Evening with Ochie, a forest strobist experience

A few days ago, I happened to go along with my friends to shoot Ochie. The place would be Kajar forest, an approximate 15km from my home. But, on the take day, the weather seem tobe fouled, with rolls of clouds covers the entire sky.

Nonetheless, it is a good chance to see what a single flash can do. I tought that when the sky is overcast, then the only way to add some spice to our photo is by using an external light source and try to experimen with the light placements and strength. And ofcourse, some people will still process them using photoshop.

Here’s what I pack for the shoot :

EOS 7D, EF 24-70L, YN-560III, RF603-II, an umbrella (doh! I really forgetĀ  to pack a softbox) and a lightstand.

As the shoot progressed, however, I switched to EF 50mm 1.8II, borrowed from a friend to better exploit the bokeh. And then the weather seem to clear a bit…enough to make a beam of golden light to shine to shooting place. Am I so lucky!

Quickly I meter the whole new set and then adjust the flash power to just illumate the shadow, or I played the setting further to enhance the shadow. And the result is just more than ‘ordinary shoot taken on bad weather’.

Moral of the story : you cannot control the weather, but opportunities can somewhat present themselves in a way most unimaginable.











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Evening with Fiona

Took my trusty 5Dmk2 and a 24-70L and took some wonderful shoot with Fiona. Take a look :


The second image was taken with the aid of YN560III, with no light modifier, I just dial the zoom to 105 and fit the lightfall on Fiona.

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Did I said “Gong Xi Fat Choi ?”

Completely forgot to post that I did a photoshoot just in the evening before the Chinese New Year of the Goat. Took my 5Dmk2 with a standard 24-70L lens. I have a long standing respect with this temperamental lens.
It turns out to be that the model has wore a “Goat Goddess” costume, and also the studios has been arranged beautifully with colorful lights and adornments.

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Kawaii Shoot with Vivitar 50mm f1.9

A few days ago I happened to find a good condition, used Vivitar 50mm f1.9 old lens for a reasonable price. Deal set, and then I took the baby home. I was astonished with the condition. The glass was clear, diaphragm was perfect and smooth, and the paintwork is still very good. Attached it on my 7D and set for a photoshoot with Lenzy.

The shoot concept was ‘Kawaii Maid’. For those who are in dark with Japanese terminology, ‘Kawaii’ means ‘cute’, or ‘cool’. I’m not that fan of bokeh in the studio shoot, but we can always find something interesting with a manual lens in a studio.

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And the last thing :


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